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Search Strategies

In HR-Consulting filling a key vacancy with the best possible person for the job requires a search strategy that has been optimised to suit the company in question. The job description and requirements profile together with the company’s organisational and market structure, corporate strategy and culture all play a role in determining the appropriate search strategy.

Starting with an exact briefing, our HR-consultants work with our clients to identify all relevant details, define a requirements profile and select the appropriate search strategy for the actual situation and vacancy. The optimal result is a customised solution, with quality guaranteed by Eblinger & Partner’s extensive network, experience and expertise also in HR-Development.

The proposed methods, HR-consulting services and amount of work involved are clearly defined, while total discretion to both clients and candidates is assured. We also provide a replacement guarantee in the unexpected event that the selected candidate should terminate his/her employment with the client within an agreed period of time.

HR-Consulting and Headhunting with Eblinger & Partner works with three different search methods:

Combined Search
Direct Search
Executive Search

Selection Methods in HR-Consulting

After we have either received the applications or contacted top candidates directly (Direct Search / Executive Search), we assess all applications and interview suitable applicants about their CVs, career histories and professional aspirations. These interviews also cover important additional aspects like career development, professional qualifications, achievements and failures, as well as target salary range and any applicable terms of notice.

This enables us to assess how well a candidate fits a particular requirements profile in terms of professional and personal qualifications such as leadership potential, willingness to work in a team, communication skills and general attitude as behaviour. The most suitable candidates are then presented to the client. Concise and informative candidate reports are also provided to further facilitate this selection process.

Master Personality Profile
In addition to the interview, we can also create a personality profile for each candidate using the Master Management Personality Profile – a tried and tested, scientifically based tool used in the systematic description of typical working behaviour and the analysis of specific character-related requirements for a particular position.

Executive Search

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